Many of our projects require the development of software with different levels of specialization, according to the goals of the study. These software may simply consist of a standard worksheets or be develop into complex software, requiring months of work. In any case the value of the product relies in the included algorithms, resulting from thorough scientific studies. Some of those software are free to use and may be downloaded from the links below.


List of free software

Chipcost this software returns the productivity of chippers and provides an estimate of chipping cost under user-specified working conditions

Model Logging Residue Model

ASV this software estimates the cost of thinning operations performed with a forestry-equipped skidsteer-loader (work developed in collaboration with the US forest service and the University of California) 

Demone management software for the general planning of biomass heating plants

Syschips software for estimating the harvesting and delivery cost of forest residue (chips only)

Arboreti software for estimating the cost of thinning afforestation stands, and the related stumpage price

Comparison of WTH and CTL harvesting in N.spruce thinning (File Excel)

Workshop ITABIA, Roma 2 luglio 2010


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